K Tech Source has been in business since 2008 and providing solutions to businesses across the United States. KTS offers unique technology solutions for businesses in form of IT Transformation, Digitization, Cloud Migration, Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Machine Learnings, DevOps, DevSecOps, Quality Assurance, Operations and many others.

Please feel free to contact us for with your business needs and we will be happy to source your business for future by helping your business strategy of growing your business, reducing costs or creating new business.

K Tech Source is part of the Khamisani Group which has been providing services in a variety of industries including Technology Consulting, Supply Chain, Aviation, Tourism, Healthcare, Automotive, Hospitality, Transportation and more.

  • Vision: Primary source of the most vital resource of people for businesses  
  • Mission: To provide a platform to match the human resource need of business with the most qualified experts
  • Process: KTS follows a process based on relationships with our clients and the candidates. This not only allows us to find the resources based on the requirements of our clients but at the same time gives us an opportunity to find the right employers for the candidates registered with us. This model helps to partner together and the find the best possible matches to build long term relationships for years.
    KTS valued the interest and needs of our clients, understand their culture, and then find the talent that will not only fit well but also play a part in transforming clients to achieve their objectives. Transparency in process is appreciate by both our valued clients as well as the consultants/temporary staff.
    We can start our process by obtaining the key requirements from our client partners and then matching it with the pool of experts. On other hand, we help our consultants/ temp staff find the clients that either create a brand-new roles or existing ones based on their current and forecasted demand.

For more information, please feel free to contact us